Meet the Chefs


Alice Hickox / Owner

Alice’s passion for the culinary arts began in her teens when she took over the family cooking duties as her mother battled cancer. Determined to help with her mother’s healing process, she planned the family dinner menus in advance to include as many free range meats and hormone-free meats, freshest vegetables and whole grains, while eliminating processed, cancer fueling foods.

The farm-to-table, free range and wild-caught concepts so important today, were a way of life on her family’s Georgia farm. Over the years, Alice honed her culinary skills through self-instruction, classes, years of hosting dinner parties and holidays in her home, as well as preparing diverse and creative meals for her own family and three children.

Alice continues to explore new and creative recipes for both her family and clients using the freshest ingredients available. She loves supporting local farmers and frequents farmer’s markets on the weekends obtaining the freshest vegetables available.

Today, Alice’s mother is completely cancer-free, and whether or not her role as the family chef played a part, she is a firm believer that the foods we choose to put in our body have a dramatic impact on our bodies ability to thrive and prevent disease. Over the years she has met so many people who want to sit down to a healthy, home cooked meal in the evenings, but due to many facets ranging from work schedules or simply having no desire to cook and prepare it themselves, wind up settling for fast food or compromising their dinner options. And let’s face it, some people just don’t like to cook!

Lettuce Do Dinner was born from the desire to offer individuals and families in the community access to a personalized chef that can customize a fun, exciting menu that is also healthy for your entire family.


Aoi / Chef

Aoi has always had a love of food, especially Japanese cuisine and Southern home cooking.  Her roots in both cultures have given her a deep appreciation for cooking and hospitality.  When she’s not cooking, she has her nose buried in a cookbook.  Working as a chef with Lettuce Do Dinner, Aoi has learned to cook for a wide variety of dietary needs and tastes.  Her focus is always on whole foods and healthy ingredients, and working with her clients to make delicious custom menus.